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I'm Deborah D. Stine, PhD,  President of Science, Technology, and Innovation Policy Analysis & Education, LLC and the Founder and Chief Instructor for the Science and Technology Policy Academy.  I'm based in Pittsburgh, PA, USA but work on projects all over the world.


I’m a freelance consultant, policy analyst, writer, video producer, professor, teacher, trainer, and study director whose career has been dedicated to translating science and technology to policymakers, the public, students, and investors.  AND translating policymakers, the public, students, and investors to the science and technology community.  Some of my clients include the Energy Futures Initiative, Catalyst Connection, and the Energy Innovation Center Institute.


Some specific areas of expertise include science, technology, and innovation policy; energy and environmental policy; manufacturing policy; and the interaction among these topics.    I also develop public policy strategies for new technology commercialization that identify policy opportunities and barriers, and steps that can be taken to either take advantage of those opportunities or reduce barriers to increase market share.


During my over 30-year career, I’ve been fortunate to work for some of the top organizations in the country: the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine; the Congressional Research Service; the Obama Administration’s President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology; and Carnegie Mellon University. 


The studies that I’ve directed have had an impact on public policy. For example, the PCAST report on Report to the President on Accelerating the Pace of Change in Energy Technologies Through an Integrated Federal Energy Policy, which was led by future Secretary of Energy Ernie Moniz,  and was the basis for the establishment of the Quadrennial Energy Review at the Department of Energy.  Another report on which I worked, Report to the President on Ensuring American Leadership in Advanced Manufacturing, led to the Advanced Manufacturing Partnership (AMP), now called Manufacturing USA. 


At the National Academies, the reports I worked on also had an impact.  For example, Rising Above the Gathering Storm: Energizing and Employing America for a Better Economic Future, which also included among its members a future Secretary of Energy, Steven Chu, led to the American COMPETES Act including the establishment and funding of the Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy.  I was at the National Academies for 18 years and received their top staff award, the first woman to do so.  


For my policy and public outreach activities at Carnegie Mellon University, I’ve received the Carnegie Science Museums Science Communicator Award.  These activities include unique videos, policymaker guides, the creation of Energy Week, and Capitol Hill seminars on energy and environmental research.  I’ve also received a National Science Foundation grant to translate the work of the Science of Science and Innovation Policy research to policymakers.  


For my teaching, I’ve received the most innovative paper award from the American Society of Engineering Education Entrepreneurial Education division.  I was also nominated by Carnegie Mellon to present my work teaching public policy analysis to engineers at the National Academy of Engineering Frontiers of Engineering Education symposium. In addition, I am a VentureWell Faculty Scholar for my teaching of energy innovation and entrepreneurship, and the founding co-director of the Center for Cleantech Entrepreneurial Excellence (C2E2) supported by the IN2 program funded by the Wells Fargo Foundation and managed by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory.


My career is backed up by an interdisciplinary educational background with a bachelor’s in mechanical and environmental engineering, an MBA, and a PhD in public administration/policy analysis specializing in science and technology policy AND energy and environmental policy.


Here’s a short bio and my resume. I’m based in Pittsburgh, but happy to travel as needed or work remotely to work with you as a partner to reach your organization’s goals. Interested in my help?  Contact me at