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Dr. Deborah D. Stine provides services as a freelance consultant, policy analyst, writer, video producer, professor, teacher, trainer, and study director for a wide variety of science, technology, and innovation-related policies.  This includes:

  • Policy Analysis (Innovation, Energy, Environment, R&D)

  • Program Evaluation/Planning (Surveys, Focus Groups, Comparative Assessments, Strategy Development) 

  • Professional Writing (White Papers, Op-eds, Books, Articles, E-Books, Blogs)

  • Public Policy Workshops (Communication, Analysis, Advocacy, How Government Works)

  • Proposal Development (as Lead or Team Member)

  • Content Strategy Design (Webpage design linked to social medial strategy & organization's goals to reach a specific audience)

  • Focus Groups (gather input from customers or target group for program or policies (e.g., unemployed, students, etc.)

  • Project Management (Websites,  Studies, Committee Studies)

  • Event Management (Seminars, Workshops, Convocations)

and below are some specific examples of work actually done for clients.  This work is often confidential, so links to this work is not posted on this website.


    Development of an interdisciplinary research and education strategy for a university.
    Review of draft policies for shale gas development for a state government agency.
    Analysis of science, technology, and innovation programs at federal agencies for a nongovernmental organization.
    Synthesis of white papers and recommendations to an incoming U.S. President’s transition team for a nongovernmental organization.
    Descriptive analysis of methods used by organizations to set research priorities for a research field for a consulting firm.

   Workshops for students on communicating their research to the public and policymakers, and in how to conduct public policy analysis and advocacy for non-governmental organizations, student clubs, colleges, and universities.

    Writing proposals for potential funding and becoming part of the team to implement the proposal should it receive funding for non-profit and academic organizations.

    Conduct focus groups to independently gather information from current or potential participants in a program or activity for non-profit and academic organizations..

Business Meeting

Process for Working with Us

( Here's a typical process in how we work with a client:

(1) Introductory consultation to understand the client's needs, desired outcome, timeframe, and budget.  

(2) Proposal that summarizes the discussion, provides the statement of work, identifies the timeframe, and the project cost.  If requested, several options can be provided so the client may choose amongst them.  

(3) Formal Paperwork is processed once an agreement is in place.

(4) Work begins.

 (5) Regular weekly updates on the progress of the project will be provided each Friday.  If possible, draft products will be provided, so the client can ensure that the resulting product will meet the client's needs.

(6) Penultimate product is provided to the client for feedback for a pre-specified time period.

(7) Work ends. The product is provided to the client.  A personal briefing is available at the client's option in case the client or their staff have any questions.  


During her long career, Dr. Stine has conducted analysis on innumerable science, technology, and innovation related topics.  Provided below is an illustrative list:

  • Science, Technology, and Innovation for Policy

  • Policy for Science, Technology, and Innovation

  • Energy and Environmental Policy (including shale gas policy)

  • Advanced Manufacturing Policy, Education, and Workforce Programs

  • Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Education

  • Cleantech and Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Classes, Mentoring, and Competitions

  • Interdisciplinary Research and Education

  • New Technology Commercialization Public Policy Strategies

  • Policymaker and Public Communication for Researchers

  • Advocacy Methods for Scientists and Engineers Interests (e.g., research funding, education policy)

  • Federal Science and Technology Agency Policies and Processes



Business Meeting